To John A. Dix

Major Gen. Dix.                         Washington, D.C.,
Fort-Monroe                              June 8 1863

The substance of the news sent of fight at Port-Hudson on the 27th. we have had here three or four days, and I supposed you had it also, when I said this morning “No news from Port-Hudson.” We knew that Gen. Sherman was wounded; but, we hoped, not so dangerously as your despatch represents. We still have nothing of that Richmond newspaper story of Kirby Smith crossing & of Banks losing an arm. A. LINCOLN


To John A. Dix

Major Gen. Dix                         Washington, D.C.,
Fort-Monroe, Va.                    June 6. 1863

By noticing the news you send from the Richmond Despatch of this morning you will see one of the very latest despatches says they have nothing reliable from Vicksburg since Sunday. Now, we here, have a despatch from there of Sunday, and others of almost every day preceding, since the investment; and while they show the siege progressing, they do not show any general fighting, since the 21st. and 22nd. We have nothing from Port-Hudson later than the 29th. when things looked reasonably well for us. I have thought this might be of some interest to you. A. LINCOLN