To Mary Todd Lincoln

                                     Head Quarters Armies of the United States,
Mrs. A. Lincoln,       City-Point,
Washington, D.C.    April 2. 7/45 [A.M.] 1865

Last night Gen. Grant telegraphed that Sheridan with his Cavalry and the 5th. Corps had captured three brigades of Infantry, a train of wagons, and several batteries, prisoners amounting to several thousands. This morning Gen. Grant, having ordered an attack along the whole line telegraphs as follows

“Both Wright and Parke got through the enemies lines. The battle now rages furiously. Sheridan with his Cavalry, the 5th. Corps, & Miles Division of the 2nd. Corps, which was sent to him since 1. this A.M. is now sweeping down from the West. All now looks highly favorable. Ord is engaged, but I have not yet heard the result in his front”

Robert yesterday wrote a little cheerful note to Capt. Penrose, which is all I have heard of him since you left. Copy to Secretary of War. A LINCOLN


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