To Andrew Johnson

                                 Office U.S. Military Telegraph,
Gov. Johnson        War Department, Washington, D.C.,
Nashville, Tenn.   January 14th. 1865

Yours announcing ordinance of emancipation received. Thanks to the Convention and to you. When do you expect to be here? Would be glad to have your suggestions as to supplying your place of Military Governor. A. LINCOLN

On January 13, Governor Johnson had telegraphed Lincoln: “The Convention composed of more than five hundred delegates from all parts of the State have unanimously adopted an amendment to the constitution forever abolishing Slavery in this State and denying the power of the Legislature passing any law creating property in man. Thank God that the tyrants rod has been broken. This amendment is to be submitted to the people for ratification on the birth day of the Father of his Country, when, without some reverse of arms, the state will be redeemed and the foul blot of Slavery erased from her escutcheon. . . .”


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