To Isaac M. Schermerhorn

Private.                                                    Executive Mansion,
Isaac M. Schemerhorn, Pres’t &c.     Washington,
Buffalo, N.Y.                                          September 12th. 1864.

My dear Sir: Your letter, mentioned in your two telegrams, has not reached me; so that I am without knowledge of its particulars. I beg you to pardon me for having concluded that it is not best for me now to write a general letter to a political meeting. First, I believe it is not customary for one holding the office, and being a candidate for re-election, to do so; and secondly, a public letter must be written with some care, and at some expense of time, so that having begun with your meeting, I could not well refuse others, and yet could not get through with all having equal claims. Please tender to those you represent my sincere thanks for the invitation, and my appeal to their indulgence for having declined their request. Yours very truly. A. LINCOLN.


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