To William M. Fishback

William Fishback                Washington, D.C.,
Little Rock, Arkansas        Feb. 17 1864

When I fixed a plan for an election in Arkansas I did it in ignorance that your convention was doing the same work. Since I learned the latter fact, I have been constantly trying to yield my plan to them. I have sent two letters to Gen. Steele, and three or four despatches to you and others, saying that he—Gen. Steele—must be master, but that it will probably be best for him to merely help the convention on it’s own plan. Some single mind must be master, else there will be no agreement in anything, & Gen. Steele, commanding the Military, and being on the ground, is the best man to be that master. Even now, citizens are telegraphing me to postpone the election to a later day than either that fixed by the convention or by me. This discord must be silenced.



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