To Thomas E. Bramlette

Governor Bramlette         Executive Mansion,
Frankfort, Ky.                     Washington, Jan. 17, 1864.

Your letter of the 8th. is just received. To your question “May I not add Q.E.D.?” I answer, “no” because you omit the “premise” in the law, that the President may, in his discretion, send these troops out of Kentucky and I take it that if he shall do so on the judgment of Gen. Grant, as to it’s propriety, it will be neither cruelty, bad faith or dishonor. When I telegraphed you, I knew, though I did not say so to you, that Gen. Grant was, about that time, with Gen. Foster at Knoxville, and could not be ignorant of or averse to the order which alarmed you. I see he has since passed through Kentucky, and I hope you have had a conference with him. A. LINCOLN


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