Endorsement on Petition Concerning Samuel B. McPheeters

December 22, 1863

The assumptions of this paper, so far as I know, or believe are entirely false. I have never deprived Dr. McPheters of any ecclesiastical right, or authorized, or excused its’ being done by any one deriving authority from me. On the contrary, in regard to this very case, I directed, a long time ago, that Dr. McPheters was to be arrested, or remain at large, upon the same rule as any one else; and that, in no event, was any one to interfere by my authority, as to who should, or should not preach in any church. This was done, I think, in a letter, in the nature of an order, to Mr. Dick. The assumption that I am keeping Dr. M. from preaching in his church is monstrous. If any one is doing this, by pretense of my authority, I will thank any one who can, to make out and present me, a specific case against him. If, after all, the Dr. is kept out by the majority of his own parishioners, and my official power is sought to force him in over their heads, I decline that also.

Dec. 22. 1863. A. LINCOLN

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