To Zachariah Chandler

Hon. Z. Chandler                 Executive Mansion
My dear Sir                            Washington D.C. Oct. 30. 1863.

There is danger that the above act of congress, intended to exclude improper applicants from seats in the House of Representatives, will be used to exclude proper ones. Your State is one upon which the attempt will probably be made if upon any. If the Governor has already made out the ordinary certificates, let the M.C’s bring them along. In addition, I suggest that you, Senator Howard, and the Governor, have a consultation, and that another certificate or set of certificates be made out according to the form on the other half of this sheet, and still another, if you gentlemen can frame one that you shall think will give additional security, and bring them with you to be used, if needed. Let it be quietly done. Publicity might stir up the danger we wish to guard against. The M.C’s themselves need not to know it

Yours truly A. LINCOLN


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