To William S. Rosecrans

Major General Rosecrans               Washington, D.C.,
Chattanooga, Tenn.                         Oct. 12. 8/35 A.M. 1863

As I understand, Burnside is menaced from the East, and so can not go to you without surrendering East Tennessee. I now think the enemy will not attack Chattanooga; and I think you have to look out for his making a concentrated drive at Burnside. You and Burnside now have him by the throat, and he must break your hold, or perish. I therefore think you better to try to hold the river up to Kingston, leaving Burnside to what is above there. Sherman is coming to you, though gaps in the telegraph prevent our knowing how far he is advanced. He and Hooker will so support you on the West & North-West, as to enable you to look East & North East. This is not an order. Gen. Halleck will give his views. A. LINCOLN

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