Anonymous Letter to the Editor of the Washington Chronicle

                                                           Executive Mansion,
Editor of the Chronicle.           Washington, June 6. 1863.

In your issue of this morning, you have an article on the “Chicago Times.” Being an Illinoisian, I happen to know that much of the article is incorrect. As I remember, upon the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, the democratic newspapers at Chicago went over to the opposition. Thereupon the Times was established by the friends of the administration, Senator Douglas being the most prominent in establishing it. A man by the name of James Sheahan, from this city, was it’s first, and only editor, nearly if not quite all the remainder of the Senator’s life. On the political separation between Mr. Buchanan and Senator Douglas, the Times adhered to the Senator, and was the ablest paper in his support through his senatorial contest with Mr. Lincoln. Since the last Presidential election certainly, perhaps since Senator Douglas’ death, Mr. Sheahan left the Times; and the Times since then, has been identical with the Times before then, in little more than the name. The writer hereof is not well enough posted to say but that your article in other respects is correct.


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