To David Hunter and Samuel F. Du Pont

Executive Mansion, Washington,
Gen. Hunter & Admiral Dupont                April 14, 1863.

This is intended to clear up an apparent inconsistency between the recent order to continue operations before Charleston, and the former one to move to another point in a certain contingency. No censure upon you, or either of you, is intended. We still hope that by cordial and judicious co-operation, you can take the batteries on Morris Island and Sullivan’s Island, and Fort-Sumpter. But whether you can or not we wish the demonstration kept up for a time, for a colatteral and very important object. We wish the attempt to be a real one, (though not a desperate one) if it affords any considerable chance of success. But if prossecuted as a demonstration only, this must not become public, or the whole effect will be lost. Once again before Charleston, do not leave till further orders from here. Of course this is not intended to force you to leave unduly exposed, Hilton Head, or other near points in your charge. Yours truly A. LINCOLN

P.S. Whoever receives this first, please send a copy to the other immediately. A. L.


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