To Henry W. Davis

Hon. H. W. Davis            Executive Mansion,
My dear Sir                         Washington, March 18. 1863.

There will be, in the new House of Representatives, as there were in the old, some members openly opposing the war, some supporting itunconditionally, and some supporting it with “buts” and “ifs” and “ands.” They will divide on the organization of the House—on the election of Speaker.

As you ask my opinion, I give it that the supporters of the war should send no man to congress who will not go into caucus with the unconditional supporters of the war, and abide the actionPage  141of such caucus, and support in the House, the person therein nominated for Speaker. Let the friends of the government first save the government, and then administer it to their own liking.

Yours truly A. LINCOLN.

P.S. This is not for publication, but to prevent any misunderstanding of what I verbally said to you yesterday. A. L.


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