To David Hunter and Others

Executive Mansion
Washington. February 10th. 1863

To David Hunter, Major General U.S.A., Rufus Saxton,

Brig: Genl. U.S.A., A.C. Smith, W.E. Wording and W.H. Brisbane Esquires:

You are hereby authorized and directed agreeably to an Act of Congress, approved on the 6th. day of February inst. to select for Government use, for war, military, naval revenue, charitable, Educational or police purposes, such tracts, parcels or lots of land, within the State of South Carolina, from the lands which may have been or which may hereafter be offered for sale by the Direct Tax Commissioners in said State, appointed under an Act of Congress, approved June 7th. 1862. as may seem to you necessary and proper for the purposes aforesaid. And I do direct and order that either of the two persons first named, together with two of the three persons last named, shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of making such selections; and in case of the absence of the two persons first named, the last named three persons, or the major part of them, are authorized to make the selections, as hereinbefore directed. And you are hereby authorized and empowered to execute and perform the duties herein specified, according to Law. You will report your proceedings to the Secretary of the Treasury. ABRAHAM LINCOLN


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