Order Concerning the Confiscation Act

Executive Mansion,
Ordered by the President November 13. 1862.

That the Attorney General be charged with the superintendence & direction of all proceedings to be had under the Act of Congress of the 17th of July 1862 entitled “an Act to suppress Insurrection, to punish Treason and Rebellion, to seize and confiscate the property of Rebels, and for other purposes,” in so far as may concern the seizure, prosecution and condemnation of the estate, property and effects of Rebels and Traitors as mentioned and provided for in the fifth, sixth and seventh sections of the said Act of Congress.

And the Attorney General is authorised and required to give to the Attornies and Marshals of the United States, such instructions and directions as he may find needful and convenient touching all such seizures, prosecutions and condemnations. And moreover, to authorise all such Attornies and Marshals, whenever there may be reasonable ground to fear any forcible resistance to them, in the discharge of their respective duties, in this behalf, to call upon any military officer, in command of the forces of the United States, to give to them such aid, protection and support as may be necessary to enable them safely and efficiently to discharge their respective duties.

And all such commanding officers are required, promptly, to obey such call, and to render the necessary service, as far as may be in their power consistently with their other duties.



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