Order to Remove Bakeries from the Capitol

Executive Mansion
Washington, Oct 14, 1862.

Whereas by a provision of the civil appropriation act approved July 11, 1862, which provision is in the words following towit:

“For the purpose of enabling the commissioner of public buildings and grounds to remove the army bakery from the basement floor of the Capitol, and to repair the damage caused by said bakery, the sum of eight thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary,” is appropriated, and the intention of congress is manifested, that said commissioner shall remove said bakery and repair said damage; and whereas said commissioner represents to me that he apprehends some collision or difficulty with the military authorities in attempting to execute his duty in this respect,

It is therefore ordered that the military authorities, and all other United States authorities in any way connected with the matter, forbear to hinder, and give all reasonable co-operation to the said commissioner, in the performance of said duty. A. LINCOLN

[Yes, there was a bakery in the basement of the Capitol.  The Capitol was also used as barracks and a lot of damage was done to it by its various occupants. -Ed.]


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