To Herman Haupt

Col. Haupt, United States Military Telegraph.
Alexandria, Va Aug. 31. 7/10 A.M. 1862

What news? Do you hear firing this morning? A. LINCOLN

Haupt replied, “No news received as yet this morning; firing heard distinctly in direction of Bristoe at 6 o’clock”. At 10 A.M. Haupt reported, “We escaped any injury to the track or bridges last night. We sent forward trains until 2 am. They all reached their destination which affords I think an ample supply of subsistence & ammunition. We sent 88 cars The trains were all guarded the tops filled with riflemen & strong guards at all the bridges. We asked Manassas a short time ago if firing was heard He said no Fairfax just answered no firing heard. I sent out one of Genl Couches [Darius N. Couch] regiments about 12 last night The other reported for duty after 2 AM. It was of no use to send it at that hour as no train was ready.”

At 10:10 Haupt reported further: “One of our train dispatchers reports from Manassas that he was ordered out of his car at Bristoe this morning by our own troops with the information that they were ordered to destroy the cars & engines & they have been burned. I suppose this was done by command of Genl Banks”.

The Second Battle of Bull Run was over, and at 8:50 A.M. on September 1 General Pope would advise Halleck that he should order the army to fall back to the entrenchments in front of Washington.


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