To Herman Haupt

Col. Haupt,
Alexandria, Va Aug. 30. 1862, 3/50. P.M

Please send me the latest news. A. LINCOLN

As in the case of the preceding telegram, there may have been two with identical wording sent at different hours. Haupt’s Reminiscences, p. 119, prints this telegram as sent at 8:50 P.M. Haupt’s reply, however, is dated as sent and received at 5 P.M., as follows: “The latest news is that our men are busy building bridges beyond Bull Run. One of my assistants has just returned from Bristoe to Manassas Reports bridge across Kettle Run finished A good force at work at Broad Run and another at Bull Run. One train of supplies sent out & unloaded Another of thirteen cars of bread & meat just starting the track to Bull Run should be clear by this time but I have no advices of the fact. Major [B. F.] Fifield [?] has this moment arrived on return train & gives it as his opinion from the position of affairs when he left that Jackson has by this time surrendered. This is doubtful as we can hear firing”.


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