To Herman Haupt

Col. Haupt. Washington, D.C.,
Alexandria, Va. Aug. 30, 10/20 AM 1862.

What news? A. LINCOLN

This same telegram appears in Haupt’s Reminiscences (1901), p. 119, dated “August 30, 1862, 9 A.M.” Lincoln may have sent two identical telegrams, since there are three telegrams which may be considered as replies. The first is dated at 11 A.M., “Firing this morning is heard in direction of Centreville. I have sent out four trains. . . . The intelligence last evening was that Hooker and Pope were pushing the enemy toward the gap in the mountains through which they had advanced, and that McDowell and Sigel were heading them off. This morning the direction of the firing seems to be changing and it is not impossible that the enemy’s forces may be changing direction and trying to escape toward Fredericksburg. . . . I await intelligence . . . and will communicate anything of importance that I hear.” The second is dated as sent at 11:30 A.M., received at 11:35 A.M., “Our opr. has reached Manassas. Hears no firing of importance. I have directed part of the 200 Riflemen to go out as Scouts make observations & report constantly. 2 of [sic] 3 flashes just seen from Manassas in direction of Centreville. Our Expedition this A M appears to have [been] completely successful We have re-established teleg communication with Manassas & if protected will even have cars running but the Military authorities heretofore have never extended to us the protection that was necessary & we have assumed the responsibility of going ahead without it. Our telegraph operators & Railway Employees are entitled to great credit. They have been advance ‘pioneers’ occupying the posts of danger & the Exploit of penetrating to Fairfax & Bringing off the wounded when they supposed twenty thousand Rebels were in their front & flank was one of the boldest performances I have heard of.” The third is dated as received at 11:50 A.M., “One of our men who is just in left Bristoe yesterday noon says our men had nearly finished repairing Kettle-Run Bridge A large number of cars with four Engines were the other side of Kettle-Run Bridge ready to come over as soon as possible One of the Engines, the one in advance had 12 cars of ammunition & more behind After the completion of Kettle Run the Trains can advance to Bristoe They are probably there now This intelligence is extremely gratifying I learn too that Broad Run Bridge has been attempted to be destroyed by cutting off the legs of all the trestles They could not have done mischief in a way that would render it more easy & Expeditious for us to repair Very few hours should make Broad Run passable & then Bull Run will remain the only obstacle.”


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