To Herman Haupt

War Department, August 29, 1862.

What news from direction of Manassas? What generally?

Colonel Haupt. A. LINCOLN

Haupt replied, “General Pope was at Centreville this morning at 6 o’clock; seemed to be in good spirits. Hooker driving the enemy before him. McDowell and Sigel cutting off his retreat; army out of forage and subsistence; force of enemy 60,000. This is the substance of information communicated by two ambulance drivers who came from Centreville, and who also gave many particulars confirming previous statements. I have ordered a train of forage and another of subsistence to be got ready to start before daylight, and will notify General Pope to-night by courier, that he can have wagons to receive it at Sangster’s Station by daylight to-morrow morning.”


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