To Herman Haupt

Col. Haupt.
Alexandria, Va. Aug. 28. 2/40 P.M. 1862

Yours received. How do you learn that the rebel forces at Manassas are large and commanded by several of their best generals?


Haupt had telegraphed at 12:50 P.M., that Colonel Eliakim P. Scammon “is safe & has returned to Alexandria. I went out on Engine to meet him & bring him in. He held Bull Run bridge a long time against a very superior force retired at last in perfect order eluded the efforts of the enemy to surround him & brought off his whole command with but little loss. I have advised Genl McClellan of his presence he has important information to communicate. The rebels forces at Manassas were large and Several of their best Generals were in command. I have sent out a reconnoitering party of two hundred sharpshooters by Rail with operators and wire to repair telegraph make communication and report observations.”  Haupt replied to Lincoln’s query at 3:15 P.M., “One of Col Scammans surgeons was captured and released he communicated the information, one of our firemen was captured and escaped, he confirms it & gives important details Genl McClellan has just seen him also Col Scamman”.


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