Order for Observance of Death of Martin Van Buren

Washington 25th July. 1862

The President, with deep regret, announces to the people of the United States the decease at Kinderhook, New York, on the 24th instant, of his honored predecessor, Martin Van Buren.

This event will occasion mourning in the nation for the loss of a citizen and a public servant whose memory will be gratefully cherished. Although it has occurred at a time when his country is afflicted with division and civil war, the grief of his patriotic friends will measurably be assuaged by the consciousness that, while suffering with disease and seeing his end approaching, his prayers were for the restoration of the authority of the government of which he had been the head, and for peace and good will among his fellow citizens.

As a mark of respect for his memory, it is ordered that the Executive Mansion and the several Executive Departments, excepting those of War and the Navy, be immediately placed in mourning, and all business be suspended during to morrow.

It is further ordered that the War and Navy Departments cause suitable military and naval honors to be paid on this occasion to the memory of the illustrious dead. ABRAHAM LINCOLN.


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