To William H. Seward

Hon. W. H. Seward         Washington City, D.C.
New-York—                     June 30 1862

We are yet without communication with Gen. McClellan; and this absence of news, is our point of anxiety. Up to the latest point to which we are posted, he effected everything in such exact accordance with his plan contingently announced to us before the battle began, that we feel justified to hope he has not failed since. He had a severe engagement in getting the part of his army on this side of the Chickahominy over to the other side, in which the enemy lost certainly as much as we did. We are not dissatisfied with this, only that the loss of enemies does not compensate for the loss of friends. The enemy did [can?] not come below White-House[,] certainly is not there now, and probably has abandoned the whole line. Dix’ pickets are at New-Kent C.H.



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