To William H. Seward

Hon. W. H. Seward.         Washington City, D.C.
Astor-House—N.Y.          June 29, 1862 6 oclock PM

Not much more than when you left. “Fulton” of Baltimore American, is now with us. He left White House at 11. A.M. yesterday. He conversed fully with a Pay-Master who was with Porter’s force during the fight of Friday and fell back to near McClellan’s Quarters, just a little sooner that [sic] Porter did, seeing the whole of it; staid on the Richmond side of the Chickahominy over night and left for White House at 5. AM. Saturday. He says Porter retired in perfect order, under protection of guns, arranged for the purpose, under orders, and not from necessity, and, with all other of our forces, except what was left on purpose to go to White House, was safely in position over the Chickahominy before morning; and that there was heavy firing on the Richmond side began at 5 and ceased at 7 AM. Saturday On the whole, I think we had the better of it up to that point of time. What has happened since we still know not, as we have no communication with Gen. McClellan. A despatch from Col. Ingalls shows that he thinks McClellan is fighting with the enemy at Richmond to-day, and will be tomorrow. We have no means of knowing upon what Col Ingalls’ founds, his opinion. All confirmed about our saving all property. Not a single unwounded straggler came back to the White-House from the field; and the number of wounded reaching there up to 11. A.M. Saturday was not large.



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