To Irvin McDowell

Major-General McDowell: Washington, May 28, 1862.

Following received from Brigadier-General Hamilton:

Harper’s Ferry, May 28, 1862.

Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War:

There is very little doubt that Jackson’s force is between Winchester and Charlestown. His troops were too much fatigued to pursue Banks. A large body of rebel cavalry is near Charlestown now. Jackson and Ewell were near Bunker Hill yesterday at noon. Of this there is no doubt. A. LINCOLN.

McDowell’s reply, received at 7:20 P.M., reads as follows: “In reply to your last telegram acquainting me with the position of Jackson and Ewell I beg leave to report that I am pushing Generals Shields and [Edward O.C.] Ord upon Front Royal with all expedition possible. As soon as the rail-roads can be unloaded I will use them to get the troops forward, so that nothing shall be left undone to catch them. To guard against all chances please have the water transportation retained at Aquia Creek sufficient to bring up a division, with its artillery, from below if it should be needed. I will have one held ready to move up at short notice.”


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