To Irvin McDowell

Gen. McDowell Washington City, D.C.
Manassas Junction May 28, 1862. 1 P.M

Gen. McClellan, at half past six P.M. yesterday telegraphed that Fitz John Porter’s Division had fought and driven thirteen thousand of the enemy, under Gen. Branch from Hanover Court-House, and was driving them from a stand they had made on the Rail-Road, at the time the messenger left. Two hours later he telegraphed that Stoneman had captured an Engine and six cars on the Virginia Central which he at once sent to communicate with F. J. Porter. Nothing further from McClellan.

If Porter effects a lodgement on both R.R. near Hanover C.H. consider whether your force in front of Fredericksburg should not push through and join him. A. LINCOLN

McDowell’s reply, received at 5:45 P.M., reads as follows: “I beg leave to report, in reply to your telegram of this morning directing me to consider whether my force in front of Fredericksburg should not push through and join the army under General McClellan, that I do not think, in the present state of affairs, it would be well to attempt to push through a part of that force, or to leave Fredericksburg otherwise than strongly held which could not be done as the troops are now posted. I trust in a few days to be able to effect the object you have in view, and which no one desires more than I do.”


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