Reply to Federico Barreda

March 4, 1862

The United States have no enmities, animosities, or rivalries, and no interests which conflict with the welfare, safety and rights or interests of any other nation. Their own prosperity, happiness and aggrandizement are sought most safely and advantageously through the preservation, not only of peace on their own part, but peace among all other nations. But while the United States are thus a friend to all other nations, they do not seek to conceal the fact that they cherish especial sentiments of friendship for, and sympathies with, those who, like themselves, have founded their institutions on the principle of the equal rights of men; and such nations, being more prominently neighbors of the United States, the latter are co-operating with them in establishing civilization and culture on the American continent. Such being the general principles which govern the United States in their foreign relations, you may be assured, sir, that in all things this government will deal justly, frankly, and, if it be possible, even liberally, with Peru, whose liberal sentiments towards us you have so kindly expressed.

New York Herald, March 5, 1862. Federico Barreda presented his credentials as minister from Peru.


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