To George B. McClellan

Major Genl. McClellan Executive Mansion,
My dear Sir— Washington, Feb, 8, 1862

Have you any farther news from the West?

Have you heard from the Canal-boats?

Have you determined, as yet, upon the contemplated movement we last talked of? Yours truly A. LINCOLN

McClellan replied on the same day “Saturday Evng,” “I had a long conversation with Genl Hooker about the roads etc in the region we were speaking of, & would beg until Monday morning to give a final opinion. I have not yet heard from the canal boats above. The experiment of arranging the two will be completed on Monday, when I can make the necessary calculations with exactness. I have nothing new from Halleck or Buell tonight. . . .”. Lincoln’s plan to use canal boats coupled together to form a bridge across the Potomac at Liverpool Point (near Harpers Ferry) proved impossible when the boats proved to be too wide by some four or six inches to permit their passage through the lift lock.


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