To George B. McClellan

Majr. Genl. McClellan: Executive Mansion. Dec. 6. 1861

My dear Sir: Capt. Francis G. Young, of the California regiment (Col. Baker’s) is in some difficulty—I do not precisely understand what. I believe you know I was unfavorably impressed towards him because of apparently contradictory accounts he gave me of some matters at the battle of Ball’s Bluff. At length he has brought me the paper which accompanies this, showing, I think, that he is entitled to respectful consideration. As you see, it is signed by several senators and representatives, as well as other well known and respectable gentlemen. I attach considerable consequence to the name of Lt. Col. Shaler, late Major Shaler of the New-York 7th.  These things and his late connection with Col. Baker, induce me to ask you if, consistently with the public service, the past whatever it is, can not be waived, and he be placed in service, and given another chance? Yours truly A. LINCOLN.


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