To the Tycoon of Japan

August 1, 1861

Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America. To His Majesty the Tycoon of Japan.

Great and Good Friend: I have received the letter which you have addressed to me on the subject of a desired extension of the time stipulated by Treaty for the opening of certain ports and cities in Japan. The question is surrounded with many difficulties. While it is my earnest desire to consult the convenience of Your Majesty and to accede so far as I can to your reasonable wishes so kindly expressed, the interests of the United States must, nevertheless, have due consideration. Townsend Harris, Minister Resident near Your Majesty, will be fully instructed as to the views of this Government, and will make them known to you at large. I do not permit myself to doubt that these views will meet with Your Majesty’s approval, for they proceed not less from a just regard for the interest and prosperity of your Empire than from considerations affecting our own welfare and honor.

Wishing abundant prosperity and length of years to the great State over which you preside, I pray God to have Your Majesty always in His safe and holy keeping.

Written at the City of Washington this first day of August, 1861. Your Good Friend, ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

By the President:

WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.


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