To William P. Dole

Hon. W. P. Dole Executive Mansion
Comr. of Ind. Affrs. June [c. 11], 1861

My dear Sir Some time ago I directed you to designate a suitable person to be Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Washington Territory, saying I would appoint the person you would so designate. You designated Anson Dart; and I now have the following reasons for not appointing him all coming to my knowledge since I gave you the direction mentioned.

1st. A member of the present Cabinet tells me that during Genl. Taylor’s administration Dart distinctly tendered money to him for his influence to get an office from Gen. Taylor.

2nd. A member of the present H.R. from Wisconsin writes me over his own name that Dart is an immoral and dishonest man; and that if nominated, he will go before the Senate and procure his rejection if possible.

3rd. One of the Senators from Oregon tells me that Dart’s character is very bad in that county; that he is universally understood out there to have left his family at home, and kept a prostitute while there; and that, if nominated, he will, in the Senate, procure his rejection if possible.

4th. The other Senator from Oregon tells me Dart’s character is very odious and bad in that county; and that Dart, last winter, distinctly proposed to him that if he would procure his appointment to the Oregon Indian Superintendency, he would give him a thousand dollars the day the appointment should be made, and five hundred a year, as long as he should hold the office.

I presume you knew nothing of these things; and that neither you or I could knowingly be for such a man. Yours truly



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