To Winfield Scott

Private Lieut. Genl. Scott Executive Mansion June 5. 1861

My dear Sir Doubtless you begin to understand how disagreeable it is to me to do a thing arbitrarily, when it is unsatisfactory to others associated with me.

I very much wish to appoint Col. Meigs Quarter-Master General, and yet Gen. Cameron does not quite consent. I have come to know Col. Meigs quite well for a short acquaintance, and, so far as I am capable of judging I do not know one who combines the qualities of masculine intellect, learning and experience of the right sort, and physical power of labor and endurance so well as he.

I know he has great confidence in you, always sustaining so far as I have observed, your opinions, against any differing ones.

You will lay me under one more obligation, if you can and will use your influence to remove Gen. Cameron’s objection. I scarcely need tell you I have nothing personal in this, having never seen or heard of Col. Meigs, until about the end of last March. Your obt. Servt, A. LINCOLN


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