Reply to Don Marcelino Hurtado

June 4, 1861

Mr. HURTADO: I receive with pleasure a Minister Plenipotentiary from the Republic of the Granadian Confederacy. Your country contains one of the principal highways of commerce and intercourse between the Atlantic and the Pacific States of this Union. The people of the two countries cannot, therefore, be strangers to each other; they must be friends, and in some measure allies. It shall be no fault of mine if they ever cease to be such.

The republican system of government, which has been adopted so generally on this continent, has proved its adaptation to what is the first purpose of government every where—the maintenance of national independence. It is my confident hope and belief that this system will be found, after sufficient trials, to be better adapted every where than any other to other great interests of human society—namely, the preservation of peace, order, and national prosperity. I sincerely hope that this may be the happy result of the experiment of the system in your country.

I bid you welcome, sir, to the society of the capital.


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