To Carl Schurz

Hon. Carl Schurz Washington, D.C.
My dear Sir: May 16. 1861

I have delayed so long to either Telegraph or write you, hoping to get the matter of which we spoke, into a satisfactory shape; but at last I have not succeeded. On Monday I was about to Telegraph you to proceed, but was arrested in it on the question of rank—that it would put you in command at Fortress Monroe.

Yesterday the New-York Committee were here; and their mission ended in their getting an order to move forward, from N.Y. city fourteen Regiments said to be there now—five to this city, and nine to Fortress Monroe. It did not occur to me till after I parted with the Committee, that probably your four german Regiments are included in this same fourteen. If so, they will either come here, or go to Fortress Monroe at once. I still hope you may be made Brig. Gen. of them; but I can not make it move smoothly just yet.

Write, or Telegraph me when you receive this. Yours as ever



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