To William M. Dickson

A few days late, but after this we’ll get on track.

June 7. 1860

Hon: W. M. Dickson. Springfield, Ills.

My dear Sir:

Your telegraphic despatch, the day of the nomination, was received; as also was, in due course, your kind letter of May 21st. with Cousin Annie’s note at the end of it.

I have just now received a letter from Cincinnati, of which the following is a copy.

“Hon. A. Lincoln Cincinnati, June 5. 1860

Dr. Sir: We are extremely sorry to be under the necessity of calling your attention to the inclosed bill during your sojourn at the “Burnet” in Sept. last; but it appears there is no remedy left us other than to advise you of it’s never having been paid. We relied upon the Republican committee, but as yet have not been able to find any one being willing to take the responsibility of paying same—consequently advise you in the premises. Very Respy.

Yours, Johnson, Saunders & Co[”]

The inclosed bill is as follows:

“Burnet House

Cincinnati, Sept. 19— 1859

Hon: A. Lincoln

To Johnson, Saunders & Co. Dr.

Board & Parlor self & family 37.50

Extra Suppers. 3.50. Wines, Liquors & cigars 7.50. 11.00

Occupancy of room No. 15. committee. 5.00



Now this may be right, but I have a slight suspicion of it, for two or three reasons. First, when I left, I called at the office of the Hotel, and was there distinctly told the bill “was settled” “was all right” or words to that effect. Secondly, it seems a little steep that “Board & parlor[”] from Saturday 71/2 P.M. to Monday 101/2 A.M. for a man woman and one small child, should be $37.50. Thirdly, we had no extra suppers, unless having tea at our room the first evening, was such. We were in the house over the time of five meals, three only of which we took in the house. We did not once dine in the house. As to wines, liquors & cigars, we had none—absolutely none. These last may have been in room 15, by order of Committee, but I do not recollect them at all.

Please look into this, and write me. I can and will pay it if it is right; but I do not wish to be “diddled![”] Please do what you do quietly, having no fuss about it. Yours very truly



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